Infectious Diseases Volume 2: Parasitic (eBook)

Author: Cooke, Robin A.

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  • The aim of this book is to provide high quality images of the most frequently encountered parasitic infections that occur in humans.
  • The topics are illustrated by short case histories, some with clinical photographs.
  • In many cases the laboratory investigations are included as well.
  • The reader is provided with a quick method of viewing topics they want to study.
  • Some original cases, such as amoebic meningitis have been reported in full, and with colour images.
  • Historical aspects of many of the infections are included.
  • Volume one - Non parasitic infections is being finalized.
Robin A. Cooke

Chapter 01 – Protozoa

  • African Trypanosomiasis – Sleeping sickness
  • American Trypanosomiasis – Chagas disease
  • Leishmaniasis – visceral
  • Leishmaniasis – cutaneous
  • Malaria – History
  • Malaria – Case histories
  • Malaria – Identification of species
  • Malaria – Pathology
  • Malaria – What does the future hold?
  • Toxoplasmosis
  • Sarcocystis
  • Balantidiasis
  • Giardiasis
  • Trichomoniasis

Chapter 02 – Pathogenic amoebae

  • The human parasite – Entamoeba histolytica
  • Free living amoebae Naegleria fowleri (This is a presentation of the first cases)
  • Acanthamoeba species – brain abscess
  • Acanthamoeba species – corneal ulceration
  • Balamuthia mandrillaris
  • Size comparison between the four pathogenic amoebae –
    • Acanthamoeba species
    • N. fowleri
    • E. histolytica
    • Balamuthia

Chapter 03 – Nematodes – Filarial worms

  • Filariasis – history
  • Filariasis – species identification
  • Filariasis – pathology (01)
  • Filariasis – clinical features
  • Filariasis – pathology (02)
  • Rejuvenating an old pathology museum and creating a new one
  • Something new in elephantiasis of the vulva
  • Onchocerciasis
  • Dirofilariasis

Chapter 04 – Nematodes – Other

  • Pin worm – Enterobius vermicularis
  • Whip worm – Trichuris trichiura
  • Hookworm – Ancylostoma duodenale
  • Ascariasis – Ascaris lumbricoides
  • Trichinosis – Trichinella spiralis
  • Eosinophilic meningitis – Angiostrongylus cantonensis
  • Strongyloidiasis – Strongyloides stercoralis

Chapter 05 – Trematodes – Schistosomes

  • Illustrative case histories
  • Acute dysentery
  • Acute hepatitis
  • Chronic hepatitis
  • Lung & megacolon
  • Bladder – a problem diagnosis
  • A variety of cases from different countries & involving different organs
    • Testis
    • Anus
    • Rectum
    • Colon - chronic & double pathology
  • Do schistosomes cause cancer?
    • Bladder low grade dysplasia
    • Bladder high grade dysplasia
    • Prostate cancer
  • History of the schistosomes

Chapter 06 – Trematodes – Liver flukes

  • Clonorchis sinensis
  • Opisthorchis viverrini
  • Fasciola hepatica

Chapter 07 – Cestodes – Tape worms

  • Hydatid disease – Echinococcus granulosus
  • Sparganosis
  • Cysticercosis – Taenia solium
  • Format: Digital
  • Pages: 266
  • Series: Infectious Diseases
  • Series Number: 2
  • Publication Date: 02/03/2021
  • Publisher: Knowledge Books and Software
  • Subject: Medicine
  • Audience: Tertiary

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Robin has outdone himself once again!

Fantastic Book with amazing high-quality photographs. This is a priceless treasure for the libraries of all Pathology Departments (and Pathologists) Worldwide, especially as our world is getting “smaller” due to international travel and migration. Congratulations Robin!

Infectious Diseases, Volume 2 – Parasitic Diseases is a truly unique publication

Infectious Diseases, Volume 2 – Parasitic Diseases by Prof. Robin Cooke is a truly unique publication, not only contributing to the knowledge of parasitic disease in humans, but also a very enjoyable eBook to read and appreciate.
It brings together Robin’s encyclopedic knowledge of the subject, crafted together with historical information, not often included in many texts these days.
The text is clear and concise; and the photographs are of the highest quality, using the advances of image capture nowadays available to enhance the presentation of the subject.
Furthermore, the incorporation of the photographs of the various institutes and museums that Robin has visited over the many years, complements the presentation of the scientific information, and contributes to the overall pleasure of reading this eBook.
Even as a self described technological troglodyte, I was fully able to navigate through the eBook format and the inclusion of brief video presentations was welcomed, and novel.
This eBook is thoroughly recommended (5stars)

Infectious Diseases, Parasitic is a great read...

Infectious Diseases, Parasitic is a great read. Parasitology is a subspecialty lacking in good resources and this book addresses that. This volume is with evidence-based information and wonderful illustration makes it is easy to understand and relevant to current practice.
Prof Robin Cooke has again shown the quality of his work, with unexpected improvements. I recommend this to all pathologists and trainees who needs a concise reference to parasitology. This book has cemented its place in my own personal library due to its quality.

A Unique Perspective

This publication represents a unique perspective of a wide range of parasitic diseases. The approach taken is that of providing a complete historical background to the diseases and their discovery, accompanied by a range of illustrations of incredible quality gathered form sources around the world, both historical and modern. It is impressive and a tribute to the Author that he was able to access such material from such a wide range of sources.This is much more than an atlas of a range of diseases; it is an approach to education about the diseases which is quite unique.


Outstanding pathologist with career-long interest in tropical pathology, its history, and with exceptionably high-grade illustrations in all his work.