Privacy Statement and Policies

All KBS customers value their privacy. It is ours aim to balance the benefits of e-commerce with the common rights of individuals to prevent the misuse of their personal information. We have been dealing with our customers by phone, fax, mail and now email; we do not change our standards due to the medium of communication.

Collection of Personal Information

We always collect information on our customers and we will alert our customers to products and services that can assist you in your teaching, learning, practice, profession, or business. We do this by email, mail, fax or phone - if you do not want a specific contact mode or any, then we will honour this request.

You can visit our site without divulging any personal information. If you fill in the request for our newsletter, then we will update you via the requested mode.

Collecting Domain Information

This information is collected automatically and requires no action on your part. We only use it to improve the web site and its navigation. The product offerings may change if we see more emphasis on certain web pages. There is no attempt to glean emails or IP addresses to target people in an unsolicited form.

Disclosure to Third Parties

We never have, and never will, give or sell customer information to other parties unless we contact you first. We see this as inappropriate and breaking trust with our long term customers. Our policy is that sale of personal customer information is unethical, unnecessary and frankly, makes bad business sense.

Use of cookies

We do not use cookies and if we did, there would be notice given as to its effect and application before it is downloaded.


If you feel there is a problem with how Knowledge Books and Software has dealt with you, we seriously want to change it! We manage any complaint under the ISO 9001:2008 - we use comments and complaints as a means to improve our management and business systems. We are not perfect and mistakes will sometimes happen, but we are earnest about solving these. Our ISO auditors will not tolerate customer satisfaction problems! We are consumers too; we do not like waiting in long lines, shoddy goods or poor service from dumb or lazy staff who do not address our issues. We want to give you service and products that exceed expectations, not match it! Please contact us and we will try to solve the problem immediately!

Changes, Modifications and Updates

Knowledge Books and Software reserves the right to change, modify, or update this statement at any time without notice.