Self-Esteem Workbook 9781920824600

Self-Esteem Workbook

Author: Pfeiffer, Richard

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There are two questions that are most often asked about self-esteem.

1. Is it easy to change self-esteem?

No. It requires taking a close look at yourself and then changing things that don't work for you. This process takes some time, however, it is well worth the hard work.

2. Does increased self esteem mean you are selfish or self-centred?

No. Increased self-esteem means you value yourself enough to take your needs as seriously as the needs of others. It requires the mature belief that you can take care of your own needs and not necessarily rely on others to give you what you need.

The Real Solution Self Esteem Workbook offers you the opportunity to learn the skills and concepts for asserting yourself maturely and effectively. You will also learn how to control the shame, anxiety and guilt that may keep you from self esteem behavior. You will learn to communicate your thoughts, needs and opinions clearly, directly and honestly in personal and professional relationships.

You will find that the principles of self-esteem behaviour are surprisingly simple to learn and put into action.

You will probably notice some change in your behavior very quickly; however, increasing your self-esteem is a process, not an event, and, therefore, is best achieved through slow and steady progress. The advantage of this kind of process is that the changes will be lifelong and lasting.

Changing is not easy because it does require commitment and effort to overcome old beliefs and behavior habits. If you are serious about wanting to learn the new skills and concepts, your chance for increasing your self-esteem are excellent.

  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 103
  • Series: Real Solutions Workbooks
  • Series Number: 6
  • Publication Date: 24/02/2004
  • Publisher: Knowledge Books and Software
  • Subject: Business Studies
  • Audience: Secondary