Celebrations and Events

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Celebrations and Events Reader Series Brochure

This series represents a new phonics program with extensive teacher resources for extended phonics classroom implementation. These readers cover events of cultural significance here in Australia and for our Asian neighbours. These books can be used as take home readers, and as guided readers in the Literacy Block (AM lessons for phonics and literacy)




These can be used as:

  • Take Home Readers
  • Guided Readers
  • and in English lessons!

Phonics and Decoding
The books can be used a stand-alone program or integrated as reading exercises in a pre-existing program, with a focus on Phonics and Decoding.

The crowded curriculum is a problem. Programming content by inclusion in the literacy block is a bonus. These titles have the focus as literacy and secondly, as curriculum content. The driver is READING to LEARN while the student is LEARNING to READ.

ACARA Perspectives
ACARA perspectives are integral to these readers, and provide an opportunity to include perspectives on Celebrations and Events in Australia and across the Asian region - teaching students about our closest neighbours!

Teacher Guides
We have also produced activity books for Sustainability Readers! These activities will help teachers to integrate the Sustainability Readers into their classrooms and save time on classroom preparation. We also have an Answers book available to again help teachers save time!

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Celebrations and Events Set 1

Celebrations and Events Set 1

Regular price $199.00
Celebrations and Events Set 1 Readers 1-10 Teacher Resource 9781922370488

Celebrations and Events Set 1 Readers 1-10 Teacher Resource

Regular price $49.95
Celebrations and Events Set 1 Readers 11-20 Teacher Resource 9781922370495

Celebrations and Events Set 1 Readers 11-20 Teacher Resource

Regular price $49.95
Gamelan 9781925398342


Regular price $9.95
Wayang 9781925398359


Regular price $9.95
Chinese New Year 9781925398366

Chinese New Year

Regular price $9.95
Show Day 9781925398373

Show Day

Regular price $9.95
Easter 9781925398380


Regular price $9.95
Christmas 9781922370198


Regular price $9.95
Australia Day 9781922370204

Australia Day

Regular price $9.95
My Show Day 9781922370211

My Show Day

Regular price $9.95
New Year's Eve 9781922370228

New Year's Eve

Regular price $9.95
Melbourne Cup Day 9781922370235

Melbourne Cup Day

Regular price $9.95
Welcome to Country 9781922370242

Welcome to Country

Regular price $9.95
Our Holi 9781922370259

Our Holi

Regular price $9.95
Our Diwali 9781922370266

Our Diwali

Regular price $9.95
ANZAC Day 9781925714876


Regular price $9.95
Dragon Boat Festival 9781925714883

Dragon Boat Festival

Regular price $9.95
Eid al Fitr 9781925714890

Eid al Fitr

Regular price $9.95
Vesak 9781925714906


Regular price $9.95
Songkran 9781925714913


Regular price $9.95
Matsuri 9781925714920


Regular price $9.95
Lantern Festival 9781925714937

Lantern Festival

Regular price $9.95