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Welcome to our Phonics and Decoding Home Page! We have selected a brilliant range of new and exciting resources for phonics and decoding. Most of these have been recently published and are ideal to complement any existing school-based literacy program.

Tas and Friends can be used in a sequential process as the books go from the initial vowels and consonants to more difficult. The books can be used in conjunction with your existing program. Comic Decoders set could be used in continual practise and mastery of the consonant and vowel combinations. The Comic Decoders are an excellent revision resource and extension for your students.

Tas and Friends Set 1 CSVC - Consonant, Short Vowel, Consonant is now printed. and available for order. Further sets of Tas and Friends will be released throughout 2022 , leading up to to Set 5 which will be a mastery set.

Comic Decoders is a beautifully illustrated set of 20 readers and is an attractive series to support mastery practice of the initial CVC combinations.

Tas and Friends Series 1 Value Pack TAS1VP

Tas and Friends Set 1

Regular price $121.78
Comic Decodables Series 1 Value Pack CD1VP

Comic Decoders Series 1

Regular price $121.78

Reading Link Starter Pack

Sale price $151.70
Save $37.93
Tas the Cat 9781761270017

Tas the Cat

Regular price $6.09
Tas the Pet 9781761270024

Tas the Pet

Regular price $6.09
Tas Likes Me 9781761270031

Tas Likes Me

Regular price $6.09
Tas Can Run 9781761270048

Tas Can Run

Regular price $6.09
Tas Likes a Pat 9781761270055

Tas Likes a Pat

Regular price $6.09
Tas is Good 9781761270062

Tas is Good

Regular price $6.09
Bes is a Bear 9781761270079

Bes is a Bear

Regular price $6.09
Tas and Bes 9781761270086

Tas and Bes

Regular price $6.09
Where is Bes? 9781761270093

Where is Bes?

Regular price $6.09
Bes is a Toy 9781761270109

Bes is a Toy

Regular price $6.09
Tas Likes Toys 9781761270116

Tas Likes Toys

Regular price $6.09
Tas Likes Ted 9781761270123

Tas Likes Ted

Regular price $6.09
Ted is a Panda 9781761270130

Ted is a Panda

Regular price $6.09
Tas Can Sing 9781761270147

Tas Can Sing

Regular price $6.09
Tas and Babbit 9781761270154

Tas and Babbit

Regular price $6.09
Babbit Can Hop 9781761270161

Babbit Can Hop

Regular price $6.09
Tas Likes Babbit 9781761270178

Tas Likes Babbit

Regular price $6.09
Tas Has Little Legs 9781761270185

Tas Has Little Legs

Regular price $6.09
Who Is It? 9781761270192

Who Is It?

Regular price $6.09
The Bird Can Talk 9781761270208

The Bird Can Talk

Regular price $6.09
Hello Pat! 9781761270833

Hello Pat!

Regular price $6.09