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Children starting off reading with a basic skill in the sound of letters can progress to break up words.  Decoding is the process of using these sound skills to read words. As their vocabulary expands so will their reading skills. Once a child has practised decoding their reading fluency will continue to increase.

📚 Tas and Friends: A Seamless Journey to Fluency! Embark on a literacy adventure with Tas and Friends, a meticulously crafted series progressing from initial vowels and consonants to advanced levels. Aligned with a sequential learning approach, these books seamlessly integrate into existing school-based literacy programs. Set 1 is CSVC - Consonant, Short Vowel, Consonant, with subsequent releases leading up to Set 5, the ultimate mastery set. Watch as your child not only learns words but becomes a fluent reader!

🔍 Comic Decoders: Where Mastery Meets Fun! Introducing Comic Decoders, a captivating set of 20 readers adorned with vibrant illustrations! This series is more than just a revision resource; it's a tool for continuous practice and mastery of consonant and vowel combinations. Elevate your students' reading experience with these engaging decoders that make learning an enjoyable journey towards fluency.

📖 The Power of Sequential Learning Our resources are not just books; they are building blocks for a solid foundation in reading. We emphasise sequential learning, allowing children to progress naturally from basic concepts to advanced skills. With our materials, your child will not only recognise words but will unlock the world of fluent reading with confidence.

🌐 Diverse Selections from Renowned Publishers Explore our extensive collection, featuring selected sets from major Australian publishers such as Oxford University Press and Era Publications. We've handpicked resources that complement our philosophy of fostering fluency through phonics and decoding, ensuring a comprehensive and enriching learning experience.

🚀 Ignite the Passion for Reading! Empower your child with the tools to read fluently, comprehend deeply, and enjoy the magic of storytelling. Our Phonics and Decoding resources go beyond words – they cultivate a lifelong love for reading. Join us on this transformative journey and witness the strength of our list in action. Because when it comes to literacy, fluency is the key, and our resources unlock the door to a world of endless possibilities.


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Comic Decodables Series 1 Value Pack CD1VP

Comic Decoders Series 1

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Tas and Friends Series 1 Value Pack TAS1VP

Tas and Friends Set 1

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Tas and Friends Set 2 Value Pack TAS2VP

Tas and Friends Set 2 Value Pack

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Tas and Friends Set 3 Value Pack TAS3VP

Tas and Friends Set 3 Value Pack

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Tas and Friends Set 4 Value Pack TAS4VP

Tas and Friends Set 4 Value Pack

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Tas and Friends Set 5 Value Pack TAS5VP

Tas and Friends Set 5 Value Pack

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Tas the Cat 9781761270017

Tas the Cat

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Tas the Pet 9781761270024

Tas the Pet

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Tas Likes Me 9781761270031

Tas Likes Me

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Tas Can Run 9781761270048

Tas Can Run

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Tas Likes a Pat 9781761270055

Tas Likes a Pat

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Tas is Good 9781761270062

Tas is Good

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Bes is a Bear 9781761270079

Bes is a Bear

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Tas and Bes 9781761270086

Tas and Bes

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Where is Bes? 9781761270093

Where is Bes?

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Bes is a Toy 9781761270109

Bes is a Toy

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Tas Likes Toys 9781761270116

Tas Likes Toys

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Tas Likes Ted 9781761270123

Tas Likes Ted

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Ted is a Panda 9781761270130

Ted is a Panda

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Tas Can Sing 9781761270147

Tas Can Sing

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Tas and Babbit 9781761270154

Tas and Babbit

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Babbit Can Hop 9781761270161

Babbit Can Hop

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Tas Likes Babbit 9781761270178

Tas Likes Babbit

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