Tas and Friends - Decoding Readers

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Tas and Friends is a series of 100 readers for developing skills in decoding. When children are learning the basic foundations of phonics they need continual practise of these foundation elements. Readers provide a perfect opportunity to introduce the vowel, consonant, syllable or blend to use and then practice.

These sets of Tas and Friends readers provide an ideal means for children to gain fluency and secondly, have fun reading for the first time. Phonics and decoding are the foundation skills for reading. It is true that some children can read without decoding but are they understanding the content? To speed up reading skills all children benefit by a starting program in decoding. This will introduce the student to vowels and consonants followed by a sequential building of use of blends and syllables.

Children build confidence and fluency and are ready to decode unknown words. Readers speed up the literacy program in schools.

A general outline of what is covered in the series is as follows;
Consonant - all letters except the vowels b,c,d,f,g,h,j,k,l,m,n,p,q,r,s,t,v,w,x,y,z.  Plus consonant blends ck, th, etc
Vowel - a,e,i,o,u.
Sight words - words that the children have to memorise. The word could be: a/ not decodable or b/ the word is too difficult to decode at the present level of learning. Sight words used in these readers cover the first 80 words of the Dolch list of commonly used words. Words such as the, and, see, come, what, are, make, down, help, etc.
Set 1 covers CSVC - consonant, short vowel, consonant combinations eg. Tas, cat, mat, rat etc.
Set 2 covers CCSVC - consonant, consonant, short vowel, consonant combinations eg.trip,bird,long.
Set 3 covers CLVC - consonant, long vowel, consonant combinations eg.gate,and sight words - by, does.
Set 4 covers CVVC - consonant, vowel, vowel, consonant combinations eg.long vowel digraph - 'ai' such as; main, grain. sight words - could, food.
Set 5 covers Sets 1-4 skills  - revision and mastery set of 20 readers. The main difference is the amount of words is doubled per page as the children should be a lot more fluent after reading Sets 1-4.

Each teacher has a sequence to follow of introduction and practice of specific vowels and consonant combinations. The author in this series has used his proven sequence to introduce the vowels and consonant combinations. This is set out in the sequence list attached to this page. The author's sequence goes from the easy to hard and is essential for children to gain decoding skills in the shortest time frame.

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Tas and Friends Series 1 Value Pack TAS1VP

Tas and Friends Set 1

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Tas and Friends Set 2 Value Pack TAS2VP

Tas and Friends Set 2 Value Pack

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Tas and Friends Set 3 Value Pack TAS3VP

Tas and Friends Set 3 Value Pack

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Tas and Friends Set 4 Value Pack TAS4VP

Tas and Friends Set 4 Value Pack

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Tas and Friends Set 5 Value Pack TAS5VP

Tas and Friends Set 5 Value Pack

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Tas the Cat 9781761270017

Tas the Cat

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Tas the Pet 9781761270024

Tas the Pet

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Tas Likes Me 9781761270031

Tas Likes Me

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Tas Can Run 9781761270048

Tas Can Run

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Tas Likes a Pat 9781761270055

Tas Likes a Pat

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Tas is Good 9781761270062

Tas is Good

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Bes is a Bear 9781761270079

Bes is a Bear

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Tas and Bes 9781761270086

Tas and Bes

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Where is Bes? 9781761270093

Where is Bes?

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Bes is a Toy 9781761270109

Bes is a Toy

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Tas Likes Toys 9781761270116

Tas Likes Toys

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Tas Likes Ted 9781761270123

Tas Likes Ted

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Ted is a Panda 9781761270130

Ted is a Panda

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Tas Can Sing 9781761270147

Tas Can Sing

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Tas and Babbit 9781761270154

Tas and Babbit

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Babbit Can Hop 9781761270161

Babbit Can Hop

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Tas Likes Babbit 9781761270178

Tas Likes Babbit

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Tas Has Little Legs 9781761270185

Tas Has Little Legs

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Who Is It? 9781761270192

Who Is It?

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