Readers' Theatre

 Readers' Theatre stories are theatrical, joyously entertaining and funny. Ellie Hallett’s unique take-it-in-turn format, developed and trialled with great success in her own classrooms, combine expressive oral reading, active listening, visualisation, peer teaching and vocabulary building.

The take-it-in-turn format of these stories achieves top-level learning through its alternating reading/listening structure and because of the emotionally rich action-packed immediacy of the writing.

Reading with expression happens. Learning new words and remembering them happens. Struggling readers no longer struggle because the excitement of the story is impossible to resist. They want to read. Capable and advanced readers will add their own creative theatrical flourishes that take them into the realms of the extraordinary. The involvement dial for everyone can be turned to maximum.

'Let's do it again' happens automatically. With fifteen graded titles, a year’s worth of fun awaits. 

And all the teacher needs to do is energetically model the first part of the story in its introduction while children follow on their own copies, and at the end of the lesson have an answer ready when children beg to take their book home to read with Mum, Dad, and others.

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Each reader is levelled, making them ideal for use in class reading programs!

Drama is an essential part of any classroom program for children. It is a proven means of accelerating literacy outcomes and many other factors which impact the cohesiveness of the classroom and the joy of learning. As a teacher you will be shaping your class as a winning team with greatly improved outcomes in all subjects by children that are happy and love learning. And you benefit the most with satisfaction and less stress from behaviour problems.


Wellbeing and Resilience outcomes from the research literature on the benefits of classroom drama are outlined below. A simple search provides the range of research articles outlining the benefits of using Drama in classroom, in the following areas of learning.



  • oral language,
  • communication,
  • teamwork,
  • literacy improvements.

Engagement of all the senses:

  • auditory,
  • physical movement,
  • speech, and
  • visual skills.

Outcomes that have been observed and recorded:

  • agency to be able to manage different situations and events by improved faith in your own abilities,
  • self-esteem through completion of a difficult task,
  • teamwork - knowing that everyone is dependent upon each other in a class play, and
  • resilience by all of these factors coming into play when things are difficult.


Readers' Theatre Set of 15 Titles - Value Pack RTSET

Readers' Theatre Set of 15 Drama Readers

Regular price $149.85
Goldilocks and the Three Bears 9781925398557

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Regular price $9.99
Jack and Beanstalk 9781925398045

Jack and Beanstalk

Regular price $9.99
Fox and the Goat 9781925398069

Fox and the Goat

Regular price $9.99
Gingerbread Man, The 9781925398076

Gingerbread Man, The

Regular price $9.99
Little Red Riding Hood and the Five Senses 9781925398052

Little Red Riding Hood and the Five Senses

Regular price $9.99
Town Mouse and the Country Mouse, The 9781925398083

Town Mouse and the Country Mouse, The

Regular price $9.99
Two Travellers, The 9781925398014

Two Travellers, The

Regular price $9.99
Enormous Turnip, The 9781925398007

Enormous Turnip, The

Regular price $9.99
Hare and the Tortoise, The 9781925398090

Hare and the Tortoise, The

Regular price $9.99
Wind and the Sun, The 9781925398106

Wind and the Sun, The

Regular price $9.99
Three Wishes, The 9781925398113

Three Wishes, The

Regular price $9.99
Fox and the Crow, The 9781925398120

Fox and the Crow, The

Regular price $9.99
Man, the Boy and the Donkey, The 9781925398564

Man, the Boy and the Donkey, The

Regular price $9.99
Who Will Bell the Cat? 9781920824921

Who Will Bell the Cat?

Regular price $9.99
Ugly Duckling, The 9781925398021

Ugly Duckling, The

Regular price $9.99