History of the First Australians Set 3

Author: Watts, R.T.

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Full set of all 20 readers in the History of the First Australians Set 3.

The History of the First Australians series is designed for children to learn more about Australian Indigenous history, whilst also helping to boost their reading fluency.

Beautifully illustrated with original art, these readers are an ideal addition to any Indigenous or reader series in libraries. The content is suitable for any study of Indigenous Australians. ACARA place Indigenous context as a priority area and with the inclusion of literacy blocks, this series is able to be programmed covering both requirements.

This set of books would be a valuable addition to any library.


Customer Review:

"I have already used these books in class and they have been great. I like that in this set we have more NSW stories/information. It is great to have a more modern out look that the students can relate their own family situation to…more local stories in the future would be great. Illustrations are beautiful as well. Love the books."
–Maree Hutchison, Aboriginal Education Officer – Wauchope Public School

  • Format: Pack
  • Series: History of the First Australians Set 3
  • Publication Date: 20/02/2020
  • Publisher: Knowledge Books and Software
  • Subject: Indigenous
  • Audience: Primary
  • Reading Recovery: Level 20, Level 22, Level 23, Level 24, Level 25, Level 26, Level 27, Level 28, Level 29, Level 30
  • Curriculum: Australian