Readers' Theatre Set of 15 Titles - Value Pack RTSET

Readers' Theatre Set of 15 Drama Readers

Author: Hallett, Ellie

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Drama is an essential part of any classroom program for children. It is a proven means of accelerating literacy outcomes and many other factors which impact the cohesiveness of the classroom and the joy of learning. As a teacher you will be shaping your class as a winning team with greatly improved outcomes in all subjects by children that are happy and love learning. And you benefit the most with satisfaction and less stress from behaviour problems.


Wellbeing and Resilience outcomes from the research literature on the benefits of classroom drama are outlined below. A simple search provides the range of research articles outlining the benefits of using Drama in classroom, in the following areas of learning.



  • oral language,
  • communication,
  • teamwork,
  • literacy improvements.

Engagement of all the senses:

  • auditory,
  • physical movement,
  • speech, and
  • visual skills.

Outcomes that have been observed and recorded:

  • agency to be able to manage different situations and events by improved faith in your own abilities,
  • self-esteem through completion of a difficult task,
  • teamwork - knowing that everyone is dependent upon each other in a class play, and
  • resilience by all of these factors coming into play when things are difficult.



  • Format: Pack
  • Series: Readers' Theatre
  • Publication Date: 7/05/2016
  • Publisher: Knowledge Books and Software
  • Subject: Literacy
  • Audience: Primary
  • Reading Recovery: Level 17, Level 18, Level 19, Level 20, Level 29, Level 30