Reading Link Starter Pack

Author: Christensen, Carol

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The full series of Reading LINK resources at a reduced price!

Reading LINK – Decoding is a systematic and carefully structured approach to teaching reading and spelling. Based on scientific research, this cutting edge program builds foundation skills in unlocking the code of written language. It provides a sequence of challenging tasks with which learners experience continuous success, enjoyment and enhanced sense of self as competent readers and writers.

Why is Reading LINK the BEST? It is effective, retained, and quickest. Secondly, it affordable and can help all non-readers.

a/ Students learn in a very structured way - small pieces daily or every few days,

b/ Students master each stage and can immediately apply the skill,

c/ Students learn and retain - it is committed to memory and is not lost

d/ Students love the mastery tests which is self-motivating. Students know they are improving and are very motivated,

e/ Students apply and gain confidence in decoding and sight words resulting in their reading immediately starting to improve.

In no time at all your students are lining up with all the other students to buy the latest hot selling novel by JK Rowling!

This set contains:

Reading LINK Decoding Workbook 1
Reading LINK Decoding Workbook 2
Reading LINK Decoding Workbook 3
Reading LINK Decoding Workbook 4
Reading LINK Decoding Teacher's Manual
Reading LINK Decoding Assessment Handbook
Reading LINK Decoding Student Assessment
Reading LINK Decoding Letter Cards - Workbooks 1 & 2
Reading LINK Decoding Blend and Rime Cards - Workbooks 1 & 2
Reading LINK Decoding Letter and Rime Cards - Workbooks 3 & 4
Reading LINK Decoding Word Cards - Workbooks 1 & 2
Reading LINK Decoding Word Cards - Workbooks 3 & 4

  • Format: Pack
  • Series: Reading LINK
  • Publisher: Knowledge Books and Software
  • Subject: Literacy
  • Audience: Primary