Cells: Animal & Plant Cell Structure Multimedia Lesson (CD-ROM) W54-6201-W54-6401

Cells: Animal & Plant Cell Structure Multimedia Lesson (CD-ROM)


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The Perfect Complement to Any Life Science or Biology Curriculum!

Contains a comprehensive array of multimedia lessons and activities. Designed for multi-sensory learning, they're the perfect resource for Interactive Whiteboards. And the lessons are also ideal for individual student instruction on any computer!

Each multimedia lesson consists of the following 5 Modules along with a digital, inquiry-based Student Activity Guide:

  • Lesson Presentation - Consists of a series of narrated, visual presentations, each featuring highly-detailed graphics and illuminating animations.
  • Interactive Activities - Includes a variety of activities, a virtual lab investigation and a Lab Activity Guide.
  • Visual Resources - Provides additional images as well as the individual graphics from the Lesson Presentation Module.
  • Vocabulary - Features an illustrated view of key vocabulary, allowing you to choose any of the terms along with their corresponding images and definitions.
  • Assessment - Consists of a series of assessment/review questions for use in either a Quiz Mode, Practice Mode or Play Mode.

This title covers:

  • Animal Cell Structure
  • Plant Cell Structure
  • Organisation of Cells
  • Specialised Cells
  • Virtual Lab Investigation: Comparing Plant & Animal Cells
  • Format: CD-ROM
  • Series: Life Sciences Multimedia Lessons
  • Publisher: NewPath Learning
  • Subject: Subject: Science
  • Audience: Secondary
  • Curriculum: Australian