Chemistry: Reactions and Elements (CD-ROM) 9781875219667

Chemistry: Reactions and Elements (CD-ROM)


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The selection of content for this CD-ROM was based on the need to cover some of the fundamental areas of difficulty experienced in completing the secondary course and introductory university course for chemistry. This is an essential area in which to be fluent if the rest of chemistry is to make any sense and be of interest.

Content includes:

  • Elements and the periodic table - this contains a large image and specimen collection as well as detailed information on the elements;
  • Chemistry - science of matter, examples of atoms and molecules colliding to form new compounds etc.;
  • Atoms, molecules and ions - the modelling of these shapes is ideally suited to the 3D environment (this CD-ROM will allow a user to easily understand the principles involved in their construction);
  • Gases - what is a gas? The modelling of gas behaviour is ideally suited to this environment and is elegantly explained using these models;
  • Thermo-chemistry - use of the heat reactions to apply principles of matter to elements reacting;
  • Chemical bonding - this outlines and visualises molecules and atoms to explain the principles.

A comprehensive CD-ROM ideal for introductory and re-vision courses in chemistry.

  • Format: CD-ROM
  • Series: Science Series
  • Publication Date: 01/01/2000
  • Publisher: Knowledge Books and Software
  • Subject: Subject: Science
  • Audience: Secondary