Geometry - Angles and Lengths/Area Wallchart (Grade 3) 9781875219063

Geometry - Angles and Lengths/Area Wallchart (Grade 3)


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A comprehensive introduction to Geometry as prescribed by the National Curriculum for Grade 3 classes in Australia. This is an introduction of the use of angles and how the rules are applied.

Write/wipe - whiteboard type gloss finish allows the children to practise and remove for further attempts by others or as a refresher.

An invaluable resource for walls at home to practise and use in the classroom.

Wallchart measures approximately 45cm x 32cm.

  • Format: Wallchart
  • Publication Date: 15/12/2014
  • Publisher: Knowledge Books and Software
  • Subject: Wallcharts, Maths
  • Audience: Primary