Indigenous Sustainability Teacher Guide

Author: Watts, R.T.

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66 pages of Indigenous Sustainability activities for the classroom.

The activities in this booklet are designed to assist students in developing a general understanding of the concept of sustainability. To do this, students are lead through some fundamental scientific concepts to understand the cycles in nature and the relationships between environment, society and economy before applying these concepts in specific contexts with an Australian Aboriginal perspective.

Indigenous people have been in Australia for many tens of thousands of years and during this time, Aboriginal people taught themselves how to live sustainably in Australia's fragile landscape. The continent, its landscapes and flora and fauna were managed, utilised and conserved. Although the first white settlers and explorers were lavish in their praise of lush grasslands, lightly wooded plains, and seemingly fertile soils, they did not understand or appreciate the role of Aboriginal people in producing these landscapes.

Students have much to gain in learning more about the long history, culture and traditions of Aboriginal people and should be encouraged to engage with any local community where its people are willing to share their knowledge. Aboriginal people knew, and still know, how to find food in every climate and season; they understand the medicinal properties of plants; and undertook intricate land management using fire, to increase the types of animals and plants that would be available. For these reasons, engagement with the knowledge carried in any local Aboriginal community will be of benefit to all involved.

A rich resource for lessons in science, environmental studies, geography and cross-curricula activities. Lessons and extensions exist for Internet studies, group work and individual research and discussions.

  • Format: Paperback
  • Series: Indigenous Studies Teacher Guides
  • Series Number: 10
  • Publication Date: 1/02/2015
  • Publisher: Knowledge Books and Software
  • Subject: Indigenous
  • Audience: Primary, Secondary
  • Curriculum: Australian