Infectious Diseases Volume 2: Parasitic (eBook)

Author: Cooke, Robin A.

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Click here to download the Infectious Diseases brochure


  • The aim of this book is to provide high quality images of the most frequently encountered parasitic infections that occur in humans.
  • The topics are illustrated by short case histories, some with clinical photographs.
  • In many cases the laboratory investigations are included as well.
  • The reader is provided with a quick method of viewing topics they want to study.
  • Some original cases, such as amoebic meningitis have been reported in full, and with colour images.
  • Historical aspects of many of the infections are included.

Chapter 01 – Protozoa

  • African Trypanosomiasis – Sleeping sickness
  • American Trypanosomiasis – Chagas disease
  • Leishmaniasis – visceral
  • Leishmaniasis – cutaneous
  • Malaria – History
  • Malaria – Case histories
  • Malaria – Identification of species
  • Malaria – Pathology
  • Malaria – What does the future hold?
  • Toxoplasmosis
  • Sarcocystis
  • Balantidiasis
  • Giardiasis
  • Trichomoniasis

Chapter 02 – Pathogenic amoebae

  • The human parasite – Entamoeba histolytica
  • Free living amoebae Naegleria fowleri (This is a presentation of the first cases)
  • Acanthamoeba species – brain abscess
  • Acanthamoeba species – corneal ulceration
  • Balamuthia mandrillaris
  • Size comparison between the four pathogenic amoebae –
    • Acanthamoeba species
    • N. fowleri
    • E. histolytica
    • Balamuthia

Chapter 03 – Nematodes – Filarial worms

  • Filariasis – history
  • Filariasis – species identification
  • Filariasis – pathology (01)
  • Filariasis – clinical features
  • Filariasis – pathology (02)
  • Rejuvenating an old pathology museum and creating a new one
  • Something new in elephantiasis of the vulva
  • Onchocerciasis
  • Dirofilariasis

Chapter 04 – Nematodes – Other

  • Pin worm – Enterobius vermicularis
  • Whip worm – Trichuris trichiura
  • Hookworm – Ancylostoma duodenale
  • Ascariasis – Ascaris lumbricoides
  • Trichinosis – Trichinella spiralis
  • Eosinophilic meningitis – Angiostrongylus cantonensis
  • Strongyloidiasis – Strongyloides stercoralis

Chapter 05 – Trematodes – Schistosomes

  • Illustrative case histories
  • Acute dysentery
  • Acute hepatitis
  • Chronic hepatitis
  • Lung & megacolon
  • Bladder – a problem diagnosis
  • A variety of cases from different countries & involving different organs
    • Testis
    • Anus
    • Rectum
    • Colon - chronic & double pathology
  • Do schistosomes cause cancer?
    • Bladder low grade dysplasia
    • Bladder high grade dysplasia
    • Prostate cancer
  • History of the schistosomes

Chapter 06 – Trematodes – Liver flukes

  • Clonorchis sinensis
  • Opisthorchis viverrini
  • Fasciola hepatica

Chapter 07 – Cestodes – Tape worms

  • Hydatid disease – Echinococcus granulosus
  • Sparganosis
  • Cysticercosis – Taenia solium

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  • Format: Digital
  • Pages: 266
  • Series: Infectious Diseases
  • Series Number: 2
  • Publication Date: 02/03/2021
  • Publisher: Knowledge Books and Software
  • Subject: Medicine
  • Audience: Tertiary

Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Dr. Rama Gopalan, Prof. and Head, Dept. of Pathology, Sri Venkateswara Dental College
I highly recommend this book

Parasitology is an interesting subject and lends itself to various multifarious descriptions of the
various parasites, sometimes simple and other times complicated. This book is a welcome addition to the study of parasites in their description, life cycle and disease manifestations. The photographs,
illustrations and crisp write ups supported by personal anecdotes of the author add to the excitement of learning a subject so essential for our understanding of diseases so amenable to diagnosis and treatment. I highly recommend this book for all those working in this field and also those curious minds who would pick up the book for a casual read.

Ann Marie Nelson MD, Retired Infectious and Tropical Diseases Pathologist, Washington DC
A unique textbook

Infectious Disease, Volume 2 Parasites, by Dr. Robin Cooke provides a unique textbook of parasites diseases. He includes a uniformly well-illustrated atlas of the common parasites infecting man, with case studies from his own collection as well as those donated by his global network of colleagues. The descriptions of the organisms - epidemiology, life cycles, clinical and histopathologic presentations, and treatment are simple and easily reviewed. Dr Cooke's extensive travels to medical museums of the world add a distinctive feature not seen in most books of this type. His stories of the diseases and their discovery, the images of the early scientists and their work add a richness to the descriptions. I have enjoyed many "Cooke's Tours" of diseases over the past three decades, it is nice to see them a publication for the current and future generations of pathologists and students of infectious diseases.

Yawale Iliyasu
A masterpiece

A superb Atlas cum textbook of tropical pathology. Vintage Robin. Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to contribute to this masterpiece by providing some cases.

Bobbi Pritt
Beautifully-illustrated resource for students and experts alike

Dr. Robin Cooke’s beautifully illustrated Volume 2 Parasitic Infectious Diseases presents the full spectrum of medically-important parasites in a clear, concise outline-based format, interspaced with striking gross and histopathologic images, educational and illustrative case studies, and intriguing historical references. This text would be highly useful to many audiences, including medical students, medical practitioners, medical laboratory scientists, nurses, and other allied health professionals. The text format presents the most important characteristics of each parasitic infection under clear headings such as “Epidemiology”, “Clinical Features”, and “Treatment” and is thus easily accessible to the student and expert reader. Meanwhile, the plentiful gross and microscopy pathology images makes this a valuable resource for pathology residents and practicing pathologists, and the historical vignettes makes this an enjoyable read for all individuals, even those without an extensive background in the subject.

Shahid Pervez
A treasure to the infectious diseases morphological, clinical and historical repertoire

Robin Cooke's outstanding infectious diseases atlas. His approach is as meticulous as always. He never settles and compromise on quality. This along with compact relevant points in a nutshell makes this publication a huge contribution towards infectious diseases currently available resources. I am also very pleased to make a minute contribution for this atlas by providing some cases.