Introduction to Russia Before Nicholas II (CD-ROM) H32-H322

Introduction to Russia Before Nicholas II (CD-ROM)

Author: Muscat, Matthew

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This PowerPoint provides an introduction to Russia and briefly examines society both politically and geographically. A brief overview of the abolition of serfdom and the life of the Peasantry is provided in an easy to understand format. Some discussion of the reign of Tsars Nicholas I, Alexander II, Alexander III and a brief introduction to Nicholas II is included.

About the author:

Matthew Muscat is currently the Head of History at St. Michael's College, Adelaide, South Australia. He has also had extensive experience as a Gifted and Talented Coordinator. In the past, Matthew has worked on a number of different State curriculum panels. Matthew's teaching specialities are in History, Information Technology and Digital Video Media. He has a proven record with students achieving outstanding results in the areas that he teaches, including a number of students being awarded merits in Modern History and Digital Video Media.

  • Format: CD-ROM
  • Series: Russian Revolution PowerPoint Series
  • Publication Date: 06/02/2012
  • Publisher: Knowledge Books and Software
  • Subject: History
  • Audience: Secondary
  • Curriculum: Australian