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Author: Watts, Robert

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This detailed resource studies the economic, social and spatial changes in an Indian village. After initially reviewing the structure of the village the focus turns to the broader context and the likely forces upon the village of Kudaje.

From this case study, the student's task is to take the primary information and formulate possible outcomes and postulate whether the identified trends will change. The case study allows students to apply the principles and knowledge of population geography to a case study without answers. The aim is for students to apply their understanding to a 'real world' case study with classic population issues in relation to population geography. These same trends were last recorded in the Industrial Revolution of 19th Century Europe. The addition of maps, Internet references and the humanising by descriptions and photographs of the actual village people further strengthens and engages the students. A valuable resource for all students of Human Geography and Population Studies.

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  • Publisher: Knowledge Books and Software
  • Subject: Geography
  • Audience: Secondary