Nose to Nose 9781921016264

Nose to Nose

Author: Poulter, Jennifer

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Children have an innate sense of rhythm and respond readily to the music locked in the language of poetry. Performance gives accessibility to poetry and related prose genres for all Australian children as it is a truly multicultural medium! Performance unlocks the music and rhythms of the language and adds drama to the everyday humdrum of words by appealing to the emotions of the students.

Nose to Nose features 45 poems and associated exercises and activities ranged from lower primary to middle school. It is the third book in the Poetry Action for Classroom and Stage series and is designed to be used with the Let's Jabberwocky student's anthology.

The Poetry Action for Classroom and Stage series was undertaken at the request of teachers wanting current, Australian material suitable for ages from lower primary to middle school. Written for the younger reader, the poems explore topical issues and the whole spectrum of emotions — and we dare anyone to read some of the poems without grinning!

The books are divided thematically and contain a comprehensive teachers' section containing discussion points, extension exercises, activities and performance suggestions to supplement the poems and facilitate their multidimensional application in the classroom. As an additional teacher resource, biographies and contact details for the poets are included in the appendix.

In a time when the communication skills, spoken and written, are under threat as never before, this series is an excellent classroom aid to developing literacy, communication skills and self-expression.

  • Format: Paperback
  • Series: Poetry Action for Classroom and Stage
  • Series Number: 3
  • Publisher: Knowledge Books and Software
  • Subject: English
  • Audience: Primary, Secondary