Painting and Carving 9781925398854

Painting and Carving

Author: Watts, R.T.

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This is an introduction to the great range of Australian First Peoples' art in the form of paintings and carvings. Examples of rock carvings and cave paintings are presented. The First People expressed their beliefs, their customs and culture through their art forms. The spectacular and brilliant forms are of great aesthetic interest. To consider the deeper customs and cultural aspects gives another layer of appreciation for their art forms.

  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 24
  • Series: History of the First Australians Set 1
  • Series Number: 16
  • Publication Date: 1/06/2017
  • Publisher: Knowledge Books and Software
  • Subject: Indigenous
  • Audience: Primary
  • Reading Recovery: Level 16
  • Curriculum: Australian