Seasons and Months of the Year Wallchart (Grade 1) 9781741621471

Seasons and Months of the Year Wallchart (Grade 1)


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Seasons and changes are introduced as a log of observations and not just content. This is then taught to the children so they are familiar with simple scientific observations.

This chart addresses the National Curriculum requirements in Maths and Science - Climate, for Foundation/Kindergarten/Prep year. The second element for Maths is months which are introduced as part of the component on time.

This is an essential component for Science for Weather/Climate - recording and logging observations as well as time and changes over a year period. This chart can be used for several years based on the child obtaining variable observations for climate and weather over a set period of time.

It is displayed so children can reuse and record as many times as they want and can be crossed off when complete and for further activities.

Write/wipe - gloss finish allows the children to practise and remove for further attempts by others or as a refresher.

An invaluable resource for walls at home to practise and use in the classroom.

Wallchart measures approximately 45cm x 32cm.

  • Format: Wallchart
  • Publication Date: 15/12/2014
  • Publisher: Knowledge Books and Software
  • Subject: Wallcharts, SOSE
  • Audience: Primary