Star Chart Wallchart (Prep) 9781920696450

Star Chart Wallchart (Prep)


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A starchart is always a good motivator! It allows children to be rewarded for specific effort and addressing the requirements of standards of work and behaviour expectations. All homes and schools should use positive reinforcement to encourage children continually in the pursuit of excellence in their outcomes. Continual positive feedback is essential to speed up progress and reinforces success and its simple rewards from achievement.

Write/wipe - gloss finish allows the children to practise and remove for further attempts by others or as a refresher.

An invaluable resource for walls at home to practise and use in the classroom.

Wallchart measures approximately 45cm x 32cm.

  • Format: Wallchart
  • Publication Date: 15/12/2014
  • Publisher: Knowledge Books and Software
  • Subject: Wallcharts
  • Audience: Primary