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Winner for the Student Resource category in the 2023 Educational Australian Publishing Awards

The ancient practices of our First Nations people have powerful applications today in regard to skills and wellbeing. For many students, a connection to nature is an alien concept!

The 'walkabout' can take many forms:

  • mental health and wellbeing,
  • life skills in an outdoor environment,
  • self-esteem improvement by challenges,
  • learning about science and Nature.


Card information:

Card 1: Feel it!
First Nations people often lived outside, hunting, gathering, performing ceremonies, and enjoying life. Go outdoors and experience the weather like our First Nations people did for thousands of years.

Card 2: Sun
The Sun is very important to our First Nations people. Find out more about how the sun can help us in different ways.

Card 3: Smell it!
Sense of smell was very important to our First Nations people and different smells gave them information about their environment. Find out for yourself how important and amazing your sense of smell can be.

Card 4: Warmth
The warmth that the sun gave our First Nations people helped them survive. However, the sun's warmth also gives us so much more in the way of happiness and contentment.

Card 5: Rain
Rain was very important for our First Nations people. Rain gave life to their country, gave water to drink and helped them survive. Find out how rain can also be very cleansing for your mind and body.

Card 6: Breathe
Our First Nations people knew the importance of deep breathing.
They relied on it to help with their great sense of smell. Learn about how different breathing techniques can also help to relax your mind and body.

Card 7: Just Be!
First Nations people knew how important it was to just be – it helped them to connect to Country and be alert to the sounds and smells around them. Experience the joy of being in the moment too.

Card 8: Colours
Colour was and is very important to First Nations people. Find out how different colours can also affect our mood in different ways.

Card 9: Look!
It was important for First Nations people to notice the little things around them. Find out more about being present in nature by focusing on the tiny details around you.

Card 10: Flora
First Nations people could tell the seasons by the different flowers that bloomed. Find out more about the importance of flora in our lives and how it can boost our mood.

Card 11: Hug a Tree!
Trees are extremely important to our First Nations people past and present. Did you know that they can also give you a wonderful sense of calm and joy?

Card 12: Barefoot
When First Nations people go back On Country again, they like to walk barefoot. Find out why and experience this sensation yourself.

Card 13: Music
First Nations people knew the power of music – it was very important to them and was part of their storytelling for thousands of years. Find out more about how music has the power to heal.

Card 14: Birds
Birds have been important to First Nations people for many different reasons. Find out how birds can also contribute joy and peace to your life.

Card 15: Mountains
First Nations people believe that some mountains connect them to the dreamtime. Explore how climbing a mountain can bring a huge sense of accomplishment to your body and your mind.

Card 16: Stargaze
The stars of the night sky are sacred to First Nations people. Find out how much fun stargazing can be!

Card 17: Walkabout!
Our First Nations people have gone on walkabouts for thousands of years and they became an important cultural ceremony. Experience the joy of a barefoot walkabout for yourself!

Card 18: Songlines
Songlines are very important to all First Nations people. Find out how songlines can help you appreciate the land around you and help you to live in the moment.

Card 19: Shake a Leg!
First Nations people have been telling many different stories through dance for thousands of years. Dance is also a great way to relax and have fun!

Card 20: Elders
First Nations Elders hold so much knowledge and experience of Country and culture which they love sharing. Find out more about the stories of your local Elders.

Card 21: Kindness
First Nations people practised kindness to their people and places for thousands of years. Find out how acts of kindness can also make you feel good!

Card 22: Play!
First Nations people knew the importance of play time in their culture, knowing that it would strengthen their bodies as well as their minds. Find out more about this yourself.

Card 23: Teamwork
Teamwork was extremely important to the survival of First Nations people. Find out for yourself how the things you achieve are even more special when you achieve them as part of a team!

Card 24: Ochre
First Nations people have been using ochre in many parts of their lives for thousands of years. Explore all the wonderful benefits of using ochre yourself!

Card 25: Ceremonies
Smoking ceremonies are very important to our First Nations people and have been for thousands of years. Learn more about the importance of these traditions for your wellbeing.

Card 26: Campfire
Fire has been an extremely important part of First Nations culture for thousands of years. Learn how campfires can also be good for the soul.

Card 27: Didgeridoos
The didgeridoo is an important musical instrument for First Nations people. You don’t just listen to a didgeridoo playing – you also feel its vibrations. Find out how this amazing instrument can help heal you.

Card 28: Tracking
Long ago all First Nations people tracked. They had to look around them every day. Experience how tracking can help you focus on what's around you, helping to switch off your busy mind and be one with nature.

Card 29: Senses
First Nations people had to rely on every one of their senses to survive and thrive over thousands of years. Experience how using all your senses can help you notice so much more in nature.

Card 30: Gardening
First Nations people connected to Country and the land through the flora in their environment. Learn the importance of flora for survival as well as helping with physical healing and wellbeing.


About the author/illustrator:

Trevor Fourmile is a Yidinji man from Far North Queensland. Trevor's art and use of traditional Yidinji terms allows for further perspectives around language and culture.



"We received the Yarn Circles Wellbeing Cards and Teacher Resource from Network Education in time for our Curriculum Coordinators network and the Walkabout Wellbeing Activity Cards and Teacher Resource in time for our Graduate Teacher's network! I used the Yarn Circles cards for a check-in activity in the morning with our Remote Curriculum Coordinators and the Walkabout cards with the Grad. teachers. Both groups loved them!  I think the Teacher's Resource that comes with both of the cards are very valuable, our Graduate Teachers were particularly interested in those!"
--Tasha Roe – Education Officer – Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Education

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