Yarn Circles Wellbeing Cards

Author: Randall, Krystal

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Yarn Circles Wellbeing Cards have been designed to provide opportunities for students to talk about their feelings, emotions, thoughts and ideas in a safe, positive and collaborative environment. This process reflects the traditional Yarn Circles time that was such an important part of the culture of our First Nations' people. We see it as an extremely important ancient practice that is now fulfilling a very modern need.

Curriculum information:
ACARA F-10 General Capabilities supported by these cards: Personal and Social Capability; Literacy (interpret and use language confidently for learning and communicating); Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cross Curriculum Priority (diversity of language, ways of life and experiences).

Yarn Circles Wellbeing Cards will provide opportunities for students to express themselves through oral language and therefore increasing the learning experiences. The activities are designed to help you draw on students' prior knowledge, circumstances, imagination, visual, aural, oral and written capacity to bring about increased understanding, acceptance, empathy, self awareness, self-worth and the opportunity for positive change.


See Rooty Hill Public School's implementation of a beautiful new yarn circle.


Customer reviews:

"Yarn Cards is invaluable for students of all ages as the cards give students permission to talk about and discuss very personal feelings, thoughts, emotions and ideas confidently. The Yarn Cards provide students, teachers and caregivers with a stimulus for important communication and are a much needed tool for supporting our young people in today's hectic world."
--Nerelie Teese, Teacher Librarian at The Kooralbyn International School

"These are beautifully produced cards that are designed, illustrated and authored by Krystal Randall. They are wonderfully tailored for circle activities and provide very appropriate 'Yarn Time' questions as well activities as a follow up. I appreciate the suggestions of picture books to use in conjunction with the cards. These cards are beneficial for all cultures and a perfect way to expose students to the culture of our  First Nations' People."
--Monica Rafferty, Primary Tutor at Sans Souci Learning Centre

"We will be recommending this to all of our schools across the diocese as an excellent resource for embedding cultural awareness and addressing the needs of our students in a culturally safe space."
--Julie Waddell, Lead Teacher at Jarara Indigenous Education Unit

"I was so happy when I opened the box of the Yarning Circle cards. The colours are nice and fresh and calming. I also like that on the front of each card there is one word and an Aboriginal developed image offering at least two ways of understanding the key concept. I will be using the cards to support the ongoing work I conduct across our schools in developing culturally responsive pedagogical practice. I see their use being two fold - one being the practice of a Yarning Circle strategy and the other being embedding Aboriginal knowledge.

The cards are so user friendly in the format and the use of illustrations and text. The suggestions on the back of the cards make them much more accessible to people who may be new to the idea of a Yarning Circle paradigm as well offering ideas to develop and extend those conversations where this is a familiar process.The four different ways of engaging with the key concepts (outlined on the back of each card) makes this very usable and gives users a depth of clarity while addressing communication processes, vocabulary development, access to other resources as well as guided activities.

The plastic coating also makes the cards appropriate for continual use and makes them more robust. I also like the size - being the A5 size they are makes them visible in larger spaces where they might be used for larger groups.

Thank you to all who had a part in developing this great resource."
--Debra Dank, Education Officer at Catholic Education Office - Northern Territory

"Illustrations are beautiful and the colour are wonderful. The connection of the illustration to the card is great."
--Maree Hutchison, Aboriginal Education Officer, Wauchope Public School

"Love the use of colours and images."
--Trevor Fourmile, Community Engagement Officer, Hymba Yumba Independent School

"It is so lovely to find something that students that can relate to, without the need for words or facial and body expressions. The 'questions/suggestions' on the back of the cards also allow students to think of things that maybe they would have never thought of. The cards are also a nice easy non-threating way for students to introduce themselves and feelings."
--Lisa Fieldhouse, Aboriginal Liaison Officer, Association of Independent Schools Western Australia Future Footprints

"The cards are colourful and engaging, each one is well thought out and the set would be excellent with both indigenous and non-indigenous students. It is clear that a huge amount of work has gone into the imagery on the cards with the information and activities on the back of each card being insightful and useful."
--Andrew Allen, School Counsellor, Maclean High School

"The Yarn Circles Wellbeing Cards are a fabulous culturally inclusive resource for teachers across all years of teaching. The guiding questions and images on each card allows for teachers to authentically engage students in self-reflective dialogue through the lens of Aboriginal culture. Each image is unique, providing an opportunity for students to form a deeper connection to the emotion and yarn. Through the inclusion of Aboriginal Language on each card, teachers are provided with opportunities beyond wellbeing to immerse all students in the diversity of Aboriginal languages and cultures from across the country. A beautifully created resource that can support and strengthen all students' engagement in Aboriginal histories and culture."
--Roz Thomas, AISNSW

"These cards have wonderful application for a variety of educational contexts and activities. I am a school advisor and will be recommending this resource to teachers and schools."

"The Yarn Cards were helpful in prompting the sharing of personal experiences, values and perspectives for the students I have trialled them with."
--Phil Smithers, School Counsellor, St James Catholic College, Cygnet

"...our class has enjoyed using these cards and it has opened up conversations about the meaning and peoples interpretation of these words. we have created a yarning class book based on the conversation that arise during our talks."
--Chris Laxton, ACEO Level3, Renmark Primary School.

"Beautifully illustrated and filled with culturally enriching activities for students and teachers alike."
--Krista O'Connor, Indigenous Education Adviser, Townsville Catholic Education

"The cards are of a very high quality with beautiful designs and meaningful explanations and guiding activities. I especially like the inclusion of First Nation's Language on the cards."
---Loretta Donnelly, Classroom teacher, Illaroo Road Public School

"These cards are great for all age groups, the colours and artwork are very appealing. I will be using them in my early years yarning circles that we hold with educators."
--Department of Education and Training

"We received the Yarn Circles Wellbeing Cards and Teacher Resource from Network Education in time for our Curriculum Coordinators network and the Walkabout Wellbeing Activity Cards and Teacher Resource in time for our Graduate Teacher's network! I used the Yarn Circles cards for a check-in activity in the morning with our Remote Curriculum Coordinators and the Walkabout cards with the Grad. teachers. Both groups loved them!  I think the Teacher's Resource that comes with both of the cards are very valuable, our Graduate Teachers were particularly interested in those!"
--Tasha Roe – Education Officer – Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Education

  • Format: Cards
  • Series: Yarn Circles Wellbeing Cards
  • Publication Date: 1/02/2020
  • Publisher: Knowledge Books and Software
  • Subject: Indigenous
  • Audience: Primary, Secondary
  • Curriculum: Australian

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Tara Jenner

Really like them. Thank you.
Would love some from the Wurundjeri land as that the country our school is on.